YAD/Ramat HaNegev Exchange

YAD/Ramat HaNegev Exchange is an inclusive and global innovative network of young Jewish leaders.

We mobilize passionate young leaders to invigorate Jewish communal life locally and globally. The 9-month program raises awareness on big issues faced by world Jewry today and cultivates a network of Colorado community leaders with passion for creating a shared Jewish future.

The YAD cohort will consist of a small group of young local professionals who are community-minded and are passionate about the future of the Jewish people. The Colorado cohort will collaborate with our counterparts in Ramat HaNegev, our partnership region in Israel. In November 2022, our YAD cohort will travel to Israel for a week-long visit. In May 2023, the Ramat HaNegev cohort will visit Colorado where they will be
hosted by YAD.

The Experience

The program consists of three major components: monthly meetings with your YAD cohort, a visit to Ramat HaNegev, and hosting the Ramat HaNegev cohort in Colorado. 

During monthly sessions, the cohort will discuss issues of the Jewish identity, Jewish peoplehood, our connection to Israel, and so much more. 

During the visit to Israel, our participants will experience life in Israel and the Negev specifically, spend time with their counterparts and learn about some of the ways in which Israelis are changing the world. This visit will be centered in Ramat HaNegev, where both cohorts will have plenty of time to get to know each other, with day excursions to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

When it’s time for our Israeli counterparts to visit, we will show them the life of Jewish Americans in Colorado, spend time together and continue to strengthen the bonds between our communities. 

Participation is subsidized by a generous donor. 


A refundable $500 deposit (returned after completion of the program)

Round-trip ticket to Israel

Time Commitment

Monthly sessions: October 6, October 27, November 21, January 5, February 2, March 2, April 19, May 31 

*dates subject to change 

Visit to Israel – November 28th– December 4th  

Host Israelis on visit to Colorado – May 18th – 23rd (mostly evening/weekend commitments) 


For more information, reach out to us!

Itai Divinsky | Shaliach: IDivinsky@JEWISHcolorado.org

Jenna Raimist | YAD Director: JRaimist@JEWISHcolorado.org

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