Ramat HaNegev Partnership

Ramat HaNegev & JEWISHcolorado, Together Since 1999

JEWISHcolorado’s decades-long partnership with the Ramat HaNegev region leverages social, human, and financial resources here in Colorado and in Israel as a means to inspire community engagement and development.

Through relationships, education, culture, and community-building initiatives, JEWISHcolorado and Ramat HaNegev have built—and continue to build—a solid foundation for the future generations in Israel and a connection to the land and its people that is both deep and strong.

Building Bridges 

Thanks to donors like you, thousands of Coloradans, young and old, have visited Ramat HaNegev with JEWISHcolorado programs like 248, G2, the Joyce Zeff Israel Study Tour (IST), and the Public Officials Mission.

Blooming the Desert

Thanks to you, Ramat HaNegev is home to a young adult community center, a treatment center for children with special needs, Beit Colorado High School, the Bedouin Inclusion Program, and more.

Connecting Our Communities

JEWISHcolorado dollars support programs that engage Colorado grandparents and grandchildren, young adults, and shinshinim in our shared heritage, creating a lasting Jewish network that connects generation to generation.

Interested in visiting Ramat HaNegev? Let us know here.

“When Ramat HaNegev residents travel to Colorado to visit our family at JEWISHcolorado, they talk about how they began their journey as Israelis but returned home as engaged and inspired Jews.”

– Ramat HaNegev Regional Council Mayor Eran Doron