Give Every Month (GEM) Society

The generosity of our donors is the foundation on which the work of JEWISHcolorado rests.

To express our gratitude, we invite these individuals, couples, and families to come together throughout the year to enjoy a variety of programs and events. Join one of our giving societies and connect with like-minded donors. Be inspired by speakers on the local and national stages. Learn about the many ways your support makes a lasting difference in our community and around the world.

Why Give Every Month (GEM)?

Giving monthly helps sustain JEWISHcolorado’s impact, monthly donations ensure we can accurately project expected revenue throughout the year to continue our vital work. Monthly donations not only keep overhead low, but they also make returns on investment high, allowing nonprofits to help more people in need because we know what’s coming in. From a high-level perspective, your guaranteed donation will also help nonprofit leaders develop their budget, goals, and overall plan for the year. Monthly donations live under a planned rather than estimated income bucket, which means organizations can make budget and spending decisions with more confidence.

By giving a minimum of $36 a month you automatically join the GEM Society and receive exclusive perks such as branded apparel, early access event registration, and biannual updates with our Senior Israel Emissary. 

Each month…

  • JCO programs collaborate with 47 local partner agencies
  • 600 teens attend a Jewish Student Connection club at 11 High Schools
  • Nearly 5,000 kids receive PJ Library books statewide
  • Nearly 3,000 interactions made by the Shinshinim

Every year…

  • JEWISHcolorado distributes over $2 million in grants locally and globally
  • Over 2,000 people participate in Safety & Security trainings
  • Over 1,200 people participate in Young Adult Programming

GEM Society

$36 Per Month

Ben Gurion Society

$84 Per Month

Joshua Society

$834 Per Month

Pomegranate Society

$150 Per Month

Lion of Judah Society

$417 Per Month

To qualify for a giving society, recurring payments must be set up for a minimum of 12 months.

Give Every Month