G2 Journey: L’dor VaDor

A global Jewish experience for grandparents & grandchildren

JEWISHcolorado’s G2 Journey, in collaboration with our partner region, Ramat HaNegev, is a year-long program that explores Jewish family narratives and legacies while honoring the special bonds between grandparents and grandchildren. G2 Journey is designed for one grandparent to participate alongside their grandchild who is entering 4th-6th grade in the fall of 2023. Our monthly gatherings and travel to Israel focus on strengthening grandparent and grandchild relationships, building community, and learning about and deepening connections to Judaism, Jewish identity, and Israel.

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For more information, contact Cindy Coons at CCoons@JEWISHcolorado.org.

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“Our deepest gratitude to JEWISHcolorado for providing us with the opportunity to be part of the G2 program. My granddaughter, Edina, and I are so blessed to have been chosen to attend and participate. The trip to Israel was a culmination of fun, connection, miracles, inspiration, delicious foods, singing, love, new experiences, and a deep love of Israel. So many pix…so many stories. We highly recommend this program for other grandparents and their grandchildren. Take advantage of the fabulous G2 program.”

— Lynn Hellerstein, 2022 G2 grandparent