JEWISHcolorado’s 2021 Annual Meeting: A Look Back, A Way Forward

Sep 1, 2021 | Article

JEWISHcolorado’s 2021 Annual Meeting: A Look Back, A Way Forward

Thank you for attending our Annual Meeting. Your support for JEWISHcolorado and the work we do has made progress possible. Please re-watch and share the event with your community, here.

I think back to what we did eighteen months ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, in the middle of March—March 11 to be precise. That was the day we decided to postpone the JCRC Luncheon and close JEWISHcolorado.

What followed was genuinely remarkable.

We made hundreds of chesed calls and fought to connect with our community when it felt like the threads that held us together—a gossamer network of relationships, as intricate and delicate as any spider web—were in danger of snapping altogether. We adapted our programs and figured out, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, how to run them remotely, for attendees we could only sometimes see and only sometimes hear.

Within our community and in concert with other communities, we are creating a shared vision of the future, and the beauty of that vision is that, even though we may not see the end results of all our good, hard work, we already know what the cumulative effect of it will be. It already exists as a seed of itself.

Thanks to you, the community we are a part of will continue to grow into the community we want to

Rabbi Jay Strear
President & CEO