Introducing the 2022-2023 JEWISHcolorado Shinshinim

Jul 7, 2022 | Article

Introducing the 2022-2023 JEWISHcolorado Shinshinim

Jul 7, 2022

Please join us in welcoming our new Shinshinim to Colorado!

We are thrilled to welcome Adaya, May, Omer, and Ram to our Colorado Jewish community as they embark on their journey of education and connection with young Jewish people around the Centennial State as JEWISHcolorado’s Shinshinim. Check out their bios below.

adaya koren JEWISHcolorado Shinshinim

Adaya Koren

Hi everyone! 

My name is Adaya, I’m almost 18 years old and I live in Hadera. My parents, Sarah and Smuel are both teachers. I am the oldest sister, and I have 3 little brothers, Refael, Peled and Amitai, and of course our dog Joy which brings to our family tons of joy 🙂 I study in Hadera high school, my majors are physics, computer science, and cyber. In my free time I usually hang out with my friends, work, counseling in a youth movement and hiking. I also really like preforming arts. In my opinion, it is super important to keep and strengthen the connection between Israelis and Jewish communities around the world, and that is why I’m doing this Slichut. I want to show Israel through my eyes, create experiences and can’t wait to meet you all!

May Sabri

Shalom! My name is May:) My family and I live in Kibbutz Tlalim in Ramat Hanegev Regional Council. My parents’ names are Sima and Tal. My mother is a teacher in elementary school, and my father serves in the IAF (Israeli Air Force). I’m the middle sister of 3 siblings. My older sister Ron, is 20 years old and my younger brother, Reuven, is 13. I also have a dog named Shugi, and she is a big part of my family too. I study at Ramat HaNegev Highschool, it is a brand new school, and my class will be the first one to graduate. My major in high school is mechatronics which is mechanics and electronics.

I enjoy doing many different things in my free time, such as being with friends, participating in the youth movement during our weekly activities, volunteering in the community, playing guitar (mostly songs by Arik Einstein), hiking, taking photos, reading, and much more. 

may sabri JEWISHcolorado Shinshinim

I choose to go on Shlichut because  I want to help people develop and construct their vision and understanding of Israel through their connection with me. I hope that I’ll get to be part of your community and build a meaningful relationship during this year. I can’t wait to come to Denver and meet you all!

omer dian JEWISHcolorado Shinshinim

Omer Dian

Shalom everybody my name is Omer Dian, I’m 18 years old from kibbutz Tlalim. I’m the oldest of three brothers and I have a little dog called Sky. My hobbies are hiking, cooking, listening to music and hanging out with friends. The reason I chose to become a shinshin is my love for meeting new people and getting to know new places and the reason I wanted to do it in Colorado is because i just fell in love with this place ever since my first visit on the ART program.

Ram Schraiber

Hello, my name is Ram Shraiber and I am from Moshav Timmorim. I have a sister and a brother (yes, I’m Or’s brother), and I am really close with them. I really like sports and train 5 times a week. I love skiing, tracking, and traveling. I love animals, and have a dog and a cat. I’m looking forward to meeting your community and being a part of it. I’m pretty easy going and love telling jokes. I chose to be a shinshin because stepping out of my comfort zone and joining your amazing community seems like an amazing experience. Looking forward to coming and meeting all of you 😁

ram schraiber JEWISHcolorado Shinshinim

The Shinshinim represent the best of Israel’s youthShinshinim candidates undergo a rigorous screening process in Israel, and those selected are required to complete a preparatory course focused on Jewish history and heritage, as well as issues of national and religious identity. This provides them with the tools they need to succeed as counselors, mentors, and leaders in their respective communities.

Please join us in welcoming these outstanding young adults to Colorado!