Israeli Emissaries

Building living bridges to Israel

With relationships and connection at its center, our Israeli Emissaries program brings the best of Israel to Colorado and promotes a greater understanding of Israel and of our Jewish heritage.

Adult Emissaries | Shaliach

Adult Israeli Emissaries provides a 2-year residency to an adult Israeli ambassador who helps build meaningful and lasting connections between our community and Israel

From Israel travel information to cultural programs to community dialogues and innovative partnerships, JEWISHcolorado’s Israeli Emissaries program facilitates the dialogue between Israel and our community with an emphasis on mutual respect and the belief that the future of the Jewish people is based on its ability to establish a direct relationship between its various communities around the world.

Our current Israeli Emissary is Itai Divinsky.

Teen Emissaries | Shinshinim

The Teen Israeli Emissaries program helps build a shared sense of Jewish consciousness and develops meaningful and lasting connections between our community and Israel.

A ten-month volunteer service experience, our Young Israeli Emissaries program brings high school graduates from across Israel who defer their army service to Denver to serve as youth leaders and young ambassadors for Israel. After completing an extensive preparatory program, they’re placed with local families, who provide room and board and make them a part of their families.

Once they’ve settled in to their local homes, JEWISHcolorado’s Young Israeli Emissaries work at a day and religious schools representing a spectrum of Jewish affiliation. They also volunteer at senior care facilities, lead programs at local public and private schools, aid in high school youth movement activities, and each year, they work closely with JEWISHcolorado’s Celebrate Israel committee to plan our annual festival and walk, a singular opportunity to acknowledge Israel and a perennial favorite of the entire Jewish community.

For more information about our Young Israeli Emissaries program, please email Michelle Schwartz,

To be a host family for an Israeli Teen Emissary, click here.