Jewish Student Connection

Built by teens. Fueled by pizza.

Guided by Jewish educator-advisors and led by students, Jewish Student Connection clubs celebrate the intersection between Jewish and American culture, tradition, and values and nurture understanding and allyship among Jewish and non-Jewish students alike.

Each week, at ten high schools across metro-Denver, hundreds of teens meet to explore Jewish and Israeli culture. Some students are just beginning their Jewish journeys; others are continuing to explore what it means to be Jewish today. Together, those teens are building the kind of Jewish social networks that studies have shown are strongly related to future engagement in and leadership of Jewish communal life.

Perhaps the best kept secret of Jewish Student Connection is its mentorship program. In one-on-one and small group meetings, JSC advisors lead by example, providing living models of how to live by Jewish values and why the choice to do so is so important, now more than ever.

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Don’t take it from us. Take it from the teens.

“I’ve met many new many friends and grown so much as a leader—and especially as a Jewish leader. I’ve learned how to inspire others and to stand up for what I believe in. My high school experience would be drastically different without JSC.”

“I love the JSC vibe. It’s a safe place, a place where I can learn about Jewish traditions and culture and where I can connect with other Jewish teens. I’ve discovered that there are so many ways to be Jewish, and that’s made me more comfortable and even proud of being Jewish.”

“I mean, I was Jewish before I joined, but I’ve learned so much about Judaism, the Jewish culture, and Israel. Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy Hebrew school, but JSC isn’t that. It’s comfortable and interesting and really, really fun.”

“I woke up this morning feeling sad, and then I remembered it was Thursday, and I had JSC today, my whole day changed for the better.”

Your contribution helps Colorado teens explore Jewish and Isaeli culture, Jewish identity and community, and, perhaps most importantly, who they are and who they want to become.