Young Adult Division | YAD

Live Jewishly. Give Jewishly. Lead Jewishly.

Serving ages 21-45

From online programs for young families to virtual Shabbats, from Network & Nosh events to the Tribe Engagement Network, from the Ben Gurion Society to Elevate, YAD programs provide multiple pathways for Jewish community members between the ages of 21 and 45 to live Jewish, give Jewish, and lead Jewish.

YAD’s work encompasses a wide range of activities but, at its core, YAD is dedicated to empowering young adults to become active in our Jewish community, to connect with others like and unlike themselves, and to reinforce the core Jewish values and traditions that bind us all. YAD is committed to facilitating lasting connection, meaningful conversation, and genuine communal spirit in order to sustain and strengthen a strong Jewish future for the next generation.

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Creating a vibrant, caring, and connected Jewish community for generations to come.