Wishing you a meaningful and comforting Pesach

Apr 17, 2024 | Article

As we prepare for Pesach, we are reminded of the Haggadah’s imperative to retell the story of the exodus as if we had personally come out of Egypt. At this year’s celebration of redemption and freedom, we must also remember those being held hostage by terrorists in Gaza. Our partners, Rocky Mountain Rabbis and Cantors (RMRC), have compiled for you numerous Pesach reflections and resources to supplement your Haggadah to help guide us to meet this moment. Together, we can find strength in our unity and in the knowledge that at Seders around the world, Jews are honoring our extended family in captivity. As we declare “next year In Jerusalem,” we are hopeful that next year we will all be free. 

All of us at RMRC and at JEWISHcolorado wish you a meaningful and comforting Pesach.


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