Ukraine and Russia Update: Our Partner, JDC, on the Ground

Nov 7, 2022

Ukrainian and Russian refugees are living with uncertainty about their futures and fear for their lives. It is our collective duty as a Jewish people to ensure that those who need help know we are here for them.

JEWISHcolorado has reactivated our efforts to raise dollars to support our global partners working on the ground. All dollars raised go directly to support the work of our partners like The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). With our support, JDC has:

  • Provided over 40,000 refugees with food, medicine, and more
  • Evacuated over 13,000 from Ukraine
  • Fielded over 67,000 emergency hotline calls
  • Delivered over 1.3 million pounds of humanitarian aid

As JDC and our other global partners rush to save lives, reunite families, and bring hope to fellow Jews, they need our support. We ask you to join with JEWISHcolorado in supporting our partner organizations as they help individuals and communities impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Support Relief Efforts

*All photos are from JDS Ukraine Emergency Impact Report September 2022. Statistics from JDC as of October 2022.*