The wit and wisdom of the philanthropic leaders behind the MEN’S Event

Feb 12, 2024 | Article, Newsletter

The enormously successful JEWISHcolorado 2024 MEN’S Event was made possible by the generosity of three giants in the Jewish community: Norm Brownstein, Larry A. Mizel, and Michael Staenberg.

Together, their individual, corporate, and foundation support for JEWISHcolorado exceeds $11 million. Combined, they account for more than 150 years of philanthropy in Colorado. Recently, the three men gathered at The Brown Palace for a conversation about Israel, the Holocaust, and the future of JEWISHcolorado. Watch them on video and then keep reading for an added bonus—their individual secrets to personal success.


How have you become so successful in your business?

Larry Mizel: I always took my inspiration from Winston Churchill. Everyone has to deal with setbacks, but you cannot give up. You will never be successful unless you pick yourself up and get back in the game and just run it out. I think the key to my success and the success of all of us is the tenacity Churchill showed during World War II. They were bombing London all night long and Churchill would come out of the bomb shelter with his hat on and smoking a cigar. He led the people with his words. And he never gave up.

Norm Brownstein: I don’t have a particular individual that I think about, but I will tell you in a simple way, I have always felt that you have to work hard and harder than you think you could. And secondly, in whatever business you are in, it’s really important to have interpersonal relationships to get customers, to get clients, to get patients. Teddy Roosevelt had a very famous speech “The Man in the Arena” which talks about how you have to get in the ring—you have to get in the arena—and those are the people that win—not the people in the stands that are just observing.

Michael Staenberg: I have the saying “Quitters never win, winners never quit.” But I also think it’s important to show up. A lot of people won’t show up, be responsive, and outwork everybody else, but that’s what you must do to succeed. Be true to yourself. If you say something to someone, do what you say you’re going to do. People like to know that your word is your bond, and that’s really what makes you successful.