The Marshall Fires: Four Months On

May 4, 2022 | Article

The Marshall Fires: Four Months On

May 4, 2022

Last week marked four months since the start of the devastating Marshall Fire. JEWISHcolorado is grateful for the leadership and work of the Boulder synagogue community, Chabad Centers, Hillel, the Boulder JCC, and Boulder Jewish Family Service, with whom we have partnered and through whom we continue to funnel financial support.

A Crisis Fund Launches as Flames Spread
The day the fire broke out, JEWISHcolorado launched the Boulder Fire Relief Fund on which we coordinated with partners in Boulder and surrounding areas. And, as with all of JEWISHcolorado’s emergency campaigns, 100% of the dollars collected go directly to those in need; the organization does not take a percentage of funds so designated for overhead or gift processing.

As of April 24, nearly 3,000 donors from across the nation and around the world have donated nearly $1 million. The work of coordinating the distribution of those monies continues today—and it will continue for many months to come.

Approximately 54% of the $1 million raised has been distributed in the following ways:

Most of the relief has been provided to impacted households in numerous ways, whether restocking kitchen tools and equipment and refurnishing temporary homes to mental health assistance. We have also delivered PJ Library children’s books to fire victims, as well as Judaic ritual art, including Shabbat candlesticks, mezuzot, and much more.

Fire victims are now transitioning to long-term recovery needs and navigating the insurance and governmental processes required for rebuilding. The remaining Boulder Fire Relief Fund dollars will be distributed over the next 24-36 months, with and through our community partners, and will be used to help those in the rebuilding process.

Showing up means being present, and JEWISHcolorado is there. For however long is needed. Whether it’s raising funds for Marshall Fire victims or providing safety and security training, as we have done for the Boulder community; whether we are convening communities and organizations both disparate and complementary or raising much-needed dollars for fellow Jews, wherever they may be.

We are grateful for your trust in our organization as we support the Boulder community and beyond. Your gifts inspire us and enable us to sustain the Jewish community when the community needs us most.

Below we’ve shared just some of heartwarming response to the assistance provided. We wish those impacted continued strength.