The Jewish Student Connection: The Newsletter for Teens From Teens

Apr 12, 2021

By Ariella Brown

JSC is excited to introduce our first edition of “The Jewish Student Connection” an immersive and exciting new opportunity to engage as a Denver community. As the Editor in Chief I am thrilled to be leading this initiative in my final few months of high school. In the coming years I hope that this paper becomes more than just a news outlet but a pillar of the JSC community. I encourage you all to participate by communicating with your school’s JSC board members to contribute articles, ideas, and art every month. As you read on I urge you to keep in mind those who have lost their lives due to Covid and acts of violence this past year. Until we emerge from the darkness that has been 2020 and 2021 we hope that “The Jewish Student Connection” will serve as a beacon of light.

Thank you and enjoy!