JEWISHcolorado Sukkah Challenge


What Is Sukkot?

Sukkot, or rather, “Chag HaSukkot” (The Festival of Booths), is a week-long holiday beginning on the fifteenth day of Tishrei, and is one of the three pilgrimage festivals.

A key element of this 7-day festival is the sukkah, or “booth”. Named after the temporary structure in which farmers would live during harvesting, the Sukkah is also intended to remind us of the type of fragile dwellings the Israelites inhabited during the forty years of travel in the desert after the Exodus from slavery in Egypt. Further, certain pieces of the sukkah, like the roof, which is to only partially cover up a view of the sky, serves as a reminder of just how small we actually are in the grand scheme of things. 

Those who celebrate Sukkot do so by eating, studying, and even sleeping in their booth for the duration of the holiday, as well as inviting others to join them in their “booth” as a symbol of building community and connecting with our neighbors. 

Join the JEWISHcolorado Sukkah Challenge! #JCOSukkahSwag 

Between October 9 – 16, get in on the fun by showing us your swanky sukkah! Whether it’s life-sized or built with graham crackers, show us what your ideal sukkah looks like. Tag us (handles below!) and use the hashtag #JCOSukkahSwag to unlock an $18 contribution to our work supporting Jewish life right here in Colorado, Israel, and around the globe. 

How to Play 

Step 1:

Build your sukkah. It can take up as much space as your living room, or as little space as your snack plate! 

Step 2:

Snap a pic of your swagged out sukkah. 

Step 3:

Post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #JCOSukkahSwag and tag JEWISHcolorado to unlock an $18 donation to
our annual campaign! 

It’s that simple! Post as many times as you’d like and tag your friends to post, too. The more you post, the more people we help. 

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