JEWISHcolorado Matzah Challenge


Take the JEWISHcolorado Matzah Challenge!

Sending you matzah love this Passover.

Celebrate with us by showing off your best matzah recipe.

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Take the #JCOMatzahChallenge!

One of the symbols of Passover, matzah is an unleavened flatbread made from flour and water. It can be made either by hand or machine.

The Torah tells that, due to their speedy exodus from Egypt, the Jewish people had no time to allow baked bread to rise, thus creating matzah. Still other stories tell us that matzah was baked specifically for the flight from Egypt because it was light and aged well.

We want to see your take on this historic and delicious food!


Cook your favorite recipe featuring matzah. Matzah pizza. Matzah ball soup. Salty or sweet. Create something neat!


Take a pic of your delicious dish and share it to the social media channel of your choice using #JCOMatzahChallenge.


Ask your friends to join the fun and share their unique matzah meals!

Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered.