One Happy Camper

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At Jewish summer camp, children discover their Jewish identity and connect to the larger Jewish community through experiences that explore Jewish values, culture, and traditions.

The One Happy Camper summer camp grant program helps families send a child to camp through a partnership between JEWISHcolorado and The Foundation for Jewish Camp. In 2023, JEWISHcolorado awarded more than $90,000 to 122 first-time campers who attended 22 camps across the country. 

One Happy Camper grants can be used at Jewish overnight camps in Colorado or at any of the more than 160 eligible Jewish overnight camps across the country. Grants of either $700 or $1,000 are awarded, depending on the length of the camp.

When you apply to One Happy Camper for your first-time camper, you will be connected to JEWISHcolorado for a grant. Apply now and celebrate your unique Jewish heritage with campers from across the country!

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