Planned Giving

Create Your Jewish Legacy

Reflect on the past, consider the present, and plan for the future.

Donor Advised Funds

Connect your philanthropy with your passions and support the charitable causes about which you care most.


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is like a charitable investment account, a philanthropic vehicle that allows you to support virtually any IRS-qualified public charity within the Jewish community, Israel, and beyond.

Contributions to a JEWISHcolorado DAF are immediately tax-deductible, allowing you to maximize your tax benefits through gifts of appreciated stock or non-publicly traded assets. While you decide which charities to support, you can recommend how you would like your assets invested. And your DAF grows tax-free, making even more money available for charitable giving.

When you’re ready to support your favorite charity, you simply log in to JEWISHcolorado’s online donor portal and make grant recommendations—at no charge. Your giving history and receipts are tracked for you, simplifying your record-keeping and serving as your legacy plan.

Cutting edge investment platform with Israel investment option

JEWISHcolorado has a uniquely robust investment platform, offering donors a broad range of investment choices that match their personal charitable objectives. You can select from eight investment sleeves, including those with an Israel investment option, allowing you to capitalize on market growth, support Israel’s economy, and invest consistent with your values and giving goals.

JEWISHcolorado employs fiduciary best practices, ensuring that each DAF is invested in a transparent and cost-effective way. Our administrative fees are competitive with those charged by other foundations, with your DAF fees supporting JEWISHcolorado’s mission in Colorado, Israel, and around the world.

Legacy Gifts

Turn your passion into your legacy.

Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations. The time is always right to think about how you wish to be remembered.


Consider including JEWISHcolorado in your will, trust, or other designation, and continue to shape the Jewish community, preserve the values you hold dear, and assure that the traditions and institutions you value today will be here for generations to come.

Through a legacy gift, you can realize significant estate tax benefits, while also allowing JEWISHcolorado to continue its important work as the Jewish community’s agent of support and strength.

Your legacy gift can:

• educate our children
• care for our elderly
• perpetuate Jewish values, and
• secure the Jewish future.

Most important is the enduring nature of your gift, which demonstrates the depth of your philanthropic commitment and the importance of giving back to the Jewish community.

Take a bold step and start planning today

Your planned gift offers many benefits and can take many forms. You can make recurring gifts to JEWISHcolorado during your lifetime and plan for those gifts to continue as your legacy. If you wish, you can create a bequest in your will, or simply choose to designate JEWISHcolorado as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, a life insurance policy, a bank account, or a security.

“Our father, Walter Goldberg z”l, was incredibly generous and always taught us the importance of philanthropy. He created DAFs for each of us at JEWISHcolorado, and we are honored to continue his philanthropic legacy by using those DAFs to support programs that are near and dear to our hearts.”

—Anne (Goldberg) Wernimont & Mel Wernimont, Julie Goldberg, and David Goldberg