Nelly Ben Tal will be new JEWISHcolorado Shlicha

Mar 17, 2023 | Article, Newsletter

Nelly Ben Tal will be new JEWISHcolorado Shlicha

Mar 17, 2023

Nelly Ben Tal and familyNelly Ben Tal has lived in Israel’s small villages, on a kibbutz, in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and in London. Now, she and her family will call Denver, Colo., home as she assumes her position as the new JEWISHcolorado Shlicha. Nelly’s husband is Rotem, and they are the parents of 8-year-old Ella and 4-year-old twins Libby and Rom. Rotem was a member of a youth delegation that visited Denver and Las Vegas in 2019.

In reflecting on what she and her family would bring from Israel to Colorado, Nelly wrote, “We intend to bring our story, values, and our pluralistic way of thinking on this journey. I think we should identify our collective questions—the questions that members of both communities are thinking about and discussing—and explore them together.”

Nelly and her family currently live on a kibbutz within the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council. She has worked for the Council as a Manager of Cultural Activities and Events where she was involved in fundraising, developing and supervising community-building initiatives, and creating relationships with public organizations. Her mission was to bridge the gap between the needs of a small community within the Council and the Council at large. She was encouraged to apply for the position of JEWISHcolorado Shlicha by the Regional Council Mayor, Eran Doron.

Her professional and volunteer resume also includes management positions in the fields of human relations, organizational consulting, and data collection and analysis. She has done training for companies and start-ups in the public and private sector.

She has also founded a nonprofit organization, “Meshutaf,” which identifies and serves the common needs and aspirations of young families living in Ramat HaNegev.

Nelly studied for a BA in Behavioral Science at Ben Gurion University and The Open University of Israel. She served for two years in the Army, achieved the rank of Sergeant and was a course instructor and training developer.

After completing her military service, she spent several months studying in London. “Being a part of a diverse Jewish community there, both Orthodox and Reform, and getting to know a different culture was a unique and interesting experience for me,” she says. “It gave me a new view that my Jewish identity went beyond being Israeli.”

Nelly describes her family’s Jewish identity as “a representation of our origins, history, roots, values, and traditions.” The family enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, dancing, and watching movies together at their weekly movie nights. Nelly’s hobbies include running, gardening, creating graphic design, reading, and gluten-free baking.

Nelly views her new role with JEWISHcolorado as a wonderful opportunity use skills she has already developed and to learn new skills. “I am eager to integrate into this position,” she wrote.  “I believe my ability to build meaningful relationships, stay optimistic and positive, and adapt and overcome obstacles makes me valuable to communities in Colorado and Israel.”