Mental health and policing—by a black, Jewish, security and trafficking expert

Apr 1, 2021

By Chris Leppek, Intermountain Jewish News

“As a Jew, he is becoming a familiar face in the Colorado Jewish community, especially though his work with the Denver-based Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC).⁠

⁠As a black man, he has experienced the racism and discrimination that have long haunted that community, issues that have been forced to the front of America’s awareness in recent months. ⁠

Last—but far from least—as a police officer, Wicks works in the front lines of the often tense and perilous territory between law enforcement and civilians—another issue that events have thrust to the forefront of American consciousness in the past year.”⁠⁠

The JCRC is both a voice for the Jewish community at the Colorado State Capitol and a partner in building relationships with other faith, ethnic, and stakeholder communities.⁠

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