Jewish Community Relations Council Statement on the Recently Circulated Legislative Resolution

Jan 18, 2024 | Article, JCRC, Press Release

Jewish Community Relations Council Statement on the Recently Circulated Legislative Resolution

Jan 18, 2024

The Colorado Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) shares Representative Ron Weinberg’s concern and alarm about rising antisemitism in Colorado, and the eagerness of some leaders to ignore Hamas’s role in sparking this crisis, or to even recognize the barbarity of the October 7 attacks. More than 130 hostages abducted by Hamas on October 7 remain in Gaza—more than 100 days after their capture. The JCRC thanks Rep. Weinberg for his leadership and his strength in standing up to the vitriolic and antisemitic behavior he has had to endure from other lawmakers and constituents. He is a champion for our community.

The JCRC believes the best way to fight antisemitism and all forms of discrimination is to remind Coloradans of our shared humanity and to look for opportunities to come together. We are working across multiple fronts including meeting regularly with lawmakers and community leaders to educate them about the war and how it is impacting our local Jewish community, and to share feedback from our nearly 40 member organizations.

The JCRC is vigilantly focused on building bridges, identifying opportunities for positive-sum engagement, and defeating those who seek to harm Israel and Jews across our state.

Accordingly, earlier today, the JCRC voted unanimously to encourage all state and local legislators to forego introducing symbolic resolutions concerning the war against Hamas, a topic beyond the purview of this body. This vote in no way indicates opposition to the substance of Rep. Weinberg’s, but rather, reflects the inevitable debate around such resolutions for or against Israel that are, at best, unproductive and, at worst, divisive and painful for our community. Rather, today’s vote reflects the JCRC’s strategic position that our community’s attention and limited political capital should remain focused on different opportunities.

About the JCRC: The JCRC is the advocacy and public policy arm of JEWISHcolorado and is comprised of representatives of 40 of the largest Jewish institutions in Colorado and 15 at-large members representing different parts of the Jewish community. As an active force in civic and communal life, JCRC operates as a central coordinating and resource body to: (1) Provide a communal space to cultivate understanding and joint action amongst diverse groups within the Colorado Jewish community; (2) Cultivate deeper relationships with the broader Colorado community to address critical issues and engender a shared society; (3) Ensure the security and safety of diverse minority communities throughout the state in the face of rising antisemitism, intolerance, and hate; and, (4) Foster understanding and appreciation for the Jewish community’s relationship with Israel, and to increase knowledge, exposure, and support for Israel among diverse groups of Coloradans.


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