Jared White IDF Medal of Honor

Sep 7, 2022 | Article

Jared White IDF Medal of Honor

Sep 7, 2022

jared white IDF medal of honor

On August 11th, at the IDF Central Headquarters, Master Sgt. Jared White, our Partnership Manager for the past seven years, was awarded the prestigious “Excellence Ribbon” from the IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi for his outstanding service and dedication in the IDF Reserves.

After making Aliyah to Israel from Dunedin, Florida, Jared served as a lone soldier from 2005 – 2008 as a combat soldier and commander in the 101 Paratrooper Battalion. After his mandatory service, Jared joined the ranks in the famous 55 Paratrooper Division (res), 28 Brigade, B Company, 1st Squad. After many years of varied combat and leadership roles, last year, Jared was promoted to acting Lieutenant of his Squad.

In the citation letter, his company commander Major Elchan Stern wrote, “Jared is an outstanding soldier and commander, professional attentiveness to his men, leading development processes in the Company and Battalion for many years with an admirable demeanor and a constant smile. Jared also serves his community while educating teenagers and young people, helping blossom the Negev, and strengthening the relationship with the Jewish people abroad and in Israel. For all of this, we are honored to serve with him.”


Jared was quoted, “For me, this honor was not just awarded to me. My Squad and company have become a second family for me, and I am proud to lead these men who come from all walks of Israeli life. At the ceremony, I felt that my comrades were with me, from my squad and Company as well as those who are no longer with us. To serve in the IDF reserves is a privilege and honor that we cannot take for granted. I am blessed to serve among giants, who we choose to leave our families, professions, and lives to defend something bigger than us at the drop of a hat. This award is also in honor of my wife, Tom, and my wonderful children, who give up so much each time I put on my uniform. It is my deep honor to serve the Jewish people at home in our Partnership as well as in uniform.”