Join JEWISHcolorado in the UAE & Israel This November

Jul 6, 2022 | Article

Join JEWISHcolorado in the UAE & Israel This November

Jul 6, 2022

JEWISHcolorado is excited to announce our mission to the UAE and Israel! Join us for two weeks of luxury V.I.P. travel, while exploring these two intriguing regions with our Colorado Jewish community. The ground-breaking Abraham Accords peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel makes the Emirates an exciting and enticing destination for Jews all over the world. Join us as we educate, inform, and inspire our community to continue a strong connection with Israel and other nations around the world. 

A Unique Look at the UAE 

Participants will connect with local Jewish and Arab/Emirati communities and gain access to exclusive briefings surrounding the Abraham Accords, including how they have impacted Jewish life in the UAE. This “insider’s” look throughout the area will include private tours that are truly off the beaten path. We will explore Dubai’s mesmerizing landmarks, such as Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest tower), and dive into Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, including a peek inside the Abrahamic House, which consists of a mosque, a synagogue, and a church, all of which sit upon a secular visitor pavilion. We will participate in exclusive meetings with US officials based in the UAE alongside Denver native Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, facilitator of the Abraham Accords, have the rare opportunity to converse with the local Emirati community, and so much more! 

Israel In-Depth 

While you might have travelled to Israel before, our program highlights the diverse sectors of the Israeli landscape that are unknown to many. Israel is truly the country where East meets West and ancient meets modern. 

In Jerusalem, we will have an exclusive briefing with Colonel Danny Tirza, the architect of the controversial security barrier that runs through the city and stop at Razzouk Tattoo shop, where we will trace Jerusalem’s history back 500 years at one of the world’s oldest tattoo parlors. We will delight in the diverse cuisine that Israel has to offer while we walk in the footsteps of the film “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” with one of its featured and well-known chefs – Shmil Holland. 

The complexities of Tel Aviv are a bit different than those of Jerusalem. In the nicknamed “white city” we will learn about the challenging narratives in south Tel Aviv and Ajami neighborhoods in Jaffa. We will hear about the revolutionary start-up nation and understand why Israel is the world’s high-tech leader and enjoy an insider’s look with a private tour of the newly redesigned ANU museum, the largest Jewish Museum in the world. We’ll join the fun at an innovative cocktail workshop with the local young Israeli entrepreneurs and spirit makers of Tishrey, and stroll through the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, guided by Israeli artist Shirel Horovitz. Finally, like true Tel Avivians, we’ll take time to catch a show or see live music! 

Our last excursion in Israel will be to our partnership region, Ramat HaNegev, where we will experience the desert in Israel in a unique way while visiting the local projects supported by JEWISHcolorado. We have planned an exclusive briefing with Col. Shifra Buchris, who secured 200km of Israel’s border with Egypt. We will enjoy a regional dinner of local foods as we highlight the region’s agriculture and aggrotech, prepared in a one-of-a-kind field kitchen. We will be joined by lone soldiers from the Negev area and have an opportunity to speak with them about their journey as new immigrant Israeli soldiers. The Shargi Ensemble, a musical group comprised of Jewish and Bedouin musicians will also perform for us during a dinner! 

This is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that only JEWISHcolorado can provide! 

The cost of the trip is $10,000 per person (not including flights from Denver to UAE and from Israel to Denver) and requires a $10k donation per household to JEWISHcolorado’s  2023 annual campaign. 

*itinerary subject to change 

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