Darkness & Light

Mar 24, 2021 | Article

Darkness & Light


A belated happy 2021, dear readers.

This year has already presented its share of challenges to our community, our state, and our country. A seditious attack on our nation’s capital attempted to disrupt a bedrock of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power. We marked 500,000 American deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic. And in just the last week, two senseless attacks—in Atlanta and here in Boulder—left eighteen people dead. But from these events have emerged heartening developments.The attack on the U.S. Capitol failed, and our democracy continues, with even more people more aware of the need for safeguards to ensure its continuity. Vaccinations are becoming more widely available each day, hinting at a finish line for this difficult year of physical distancing. And in the face of the fear those attackers in Georgia and Colorado attempted to impose, we came together to support our Asian neighbors—who have experienced a year of rising hate crimes and harassment and conspiracy theories—and our Jewish community in Boulder. 

As the Colorado legislative sessions resume, the JCRC will continue its work, advocating for the Jewish community, supporting vulnerable Coloradans, and helping to build stronger relationships with our neighbors. With these bridges, we can create more light in our state and our world. 

I intentionally saved the best news for last: earlier this year, my wife and I were thrilled to welcome a new member to our family. Rami is now 2 months old and, as the above photographic evidence shows, is already a keen observer and ready to immerse himself in books big and small. His giggles can be quite distracting, but they remind me of why we do what we do, and his arrival in our lives makes our mission feel even more urgent.

Wishing those celebrating a Chag Kasher v’Sameach and a Happy Easter,

Joe Dubroff
Director of External Affairs