Colorado Migrants Ask for Our Help Again

May 18, 2023 | Article, JCRC

Colorado Migrants Ask for Our Help Again

May 18, 2023

By: Dan Leshem, PhD
Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) Director

Over the past few weeks, thousands of migrants and refugees have found themselves stranded in our state without sufficient resources to house, feed, and support them. Our friends at the Denver Office of Human Rights and Community Partnerships have turned to the Jewish community to help them provide desperately needed support. Whereas, last January the biggest need was for winter clothing, this time around the primary needs are around food and water.

Temple Emanuel has stepped up to offer its space, staff, and lay leadership to lead this effort. We owe them a major debt of gratitude for helping us all perform the mitzvot of caring for the stranger, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked.

None of us can fix this situation on our own, and together—as a unified community—we can. We are asking each of you to help over the next few weeks and months in any or multiple of the following ways:

Volunteer opportunities:

Starting next Monday 5/22 Temple Emanuel will be hosting a donation gathering and sorting event. We are asking our entire community and Jewish community organizations to share this call for volunteers and participation. Please use this link to sign up for a shift.  

Amazon Wish List:

Purchase something off this Amazon wish list that will go directly to these efforts.


Nutrition/hydration kits
All items must be individually wrapped, single serving, and non-perishable

  • Bottled water   
  • Electrolyte powder packs  
  • Protein – Protein bars, Clif bars, tuna or chicken salad w/ crackers, meat sticks, jerky 
  • Salty – Nuts, seeds, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers 
  • Sweet – dried fruit, raisins, fruit pouches (e.g., applesauce)      

Hygiene kits
ll items must be travel-size, individually wrapped, new, and unopened 

  • Soap  
  • Deodorant  
  • Toothpaste  
  • Toothbrush  
  • Shampoo 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Lip balm 

Other items 

  • Diapers  (sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)  
  • Baby wipes  
  • Underwear - New Only, Men’s, Size Small – boxers   
  • Underwear - New Only, Men’s, Size Small – briefs 
  • Underwear - New Only, Women’s, Size Small :  

Project support items 

  • Slider Ziplock bags, gallon size – 4500 
  • Moving boxes, Size Small only  - 500 

Monetary Donations

Please also consider supporting the Newcomers Fund managed by Rose Community Foundation in partnership with city and state leadership. The fund supports Colorado nonprofits providing essential services including emergency shelter, transitional housing, basic needs including food and clothing, and wraparound services including translation and interpretation services.