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Our Mission

We have two powerful mission objectives:

  1. We secure, steward and share philanthropic and human resources.

Through an annual campaign, as well as planned giving and endowment strategies, we maximize the generosity of those who donate to us to create a vibrant Jewish community.

Our philanthropic advising, family initiatives and leadership development programs help us to build Jewish continuity and help Jews engage and learn throughout their lives.

  1. We mobilize the community in times of need.

We are dedicated to uniting our resources and people to help our community here and around the world when and where we are most needed.

From natural disasters to acts of terrorism to community planning initiatives, we are ready to convene, strategize about solutions, and offer our full resources.


Our Collaborative Approach

We seek strategic alliances with a select number of partner organizations whereby working together we can be more effective than we can be on our own.

Our Primary Grant Making Philosophy

We make grants to specific programs of Jewish organizations locally and globally that are both impactful and consistent with our areas of focus and where there is demonstrated need because the cost of the program is greater than the revenue for the program. (PIN Funding = Program has Impact and Need)