2023 Applications for Staenberg Anything Grants™

2023 Applications for Staenberg Anything Grants™

Mar 10, 2023

“Your gift has provided a cutting-edge outdoor learning space for the young members of our community.”  The Jewish Life Center – Chabad Denver North Alef Academy

“We were able to gather valuable data through candid conversations with Jewish families of color about what could be done to make participation in the Jewish community more positive.” Moving Traditions

These are just some of the comments that organizations have sent JEWISHcolorado documenting the impact of the most recent “Anything Grants™.” These grants, funded by the Staenberg Family Foundation and administered by JEWISHcolorado, support projects, infrastructure, and programs of local Jewish organizations.

True to their name, the grants can be for “anything,” provided the project fulfills the grant criteria. They are awarded to Jewish nonprofit agencies, organizations, and synagogues in Colorado seeking to fund operations, a specific project, or, in some cases, a program.

JEWISHcolorado is now accepting applications for 2023 Anything Grants™. The application deadline is April 21, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

What are the goals of Anything Grants™?

In 2005, Michael Staenberg established the Staenberg Family Foundation to mobilize resources needed to preserve and enhance Jewish life in the United States and around the world. Anything Grants™ are special one-time matching grants, funded by the Staenberg Family Foundation and administered by JEWISHcolorado. The Staenberg Family Foundation believes that Anything Grants™ will:

  • Contribute to local agencies that help create a thriving community;
  • Leave a lasting legacy by spreading tangible acts of goodwill throughout the Colorado Jewish community;
  • Encourage others in the Jewish community to support important initiatives, projects, and organizations.

Who can apply for an Anything Grant™?

Anything Grants™ are awarded to Jewish nonprofit agencies, organizations, and synagogues in Colorado seeking to fund operations, a specific project, or a program. Individuals and for-profit businesses are not eligible.

All applicants must have a 501(c)3 tax status.

What are some examples of Anything Grants™?

True to their name, eligible grants could be for “anything,” including:

  • Hiring a nonprofit consultant;
  • Purchasing technology or upgrading technology;
  • Offering Staff/Board professional development;
  • Beautifying or improving a building;
  • Developing a mental health awareness program;
  • Purchasing and installing playground equipment.

What criteria does an application need to meet?

  • A project budget must not exceed $10,000.
  • Grants are $5,000, accounting for 50 percent of the projected project budget.
  • Organizations must raise the remaining funds from other sources and will be required to provide a plan for raising matching funds and evidence of how matching funds were raised.
  • Requests should not be part of a larger campaign. Anything Grants™ fund projects that can be accomplished with the grant as half of the project budget.
  • Anything Grants™ might be available for programs, but since this may be a one-time grant, we encourage applications for specific one-time needs rather than ongoing programs. If the application is for an ongoing project, a sustainability plan must be submitted.

Is there a deadline for completing the project?

Projects must be completed by June 30, 2024.

Grantees will be required to complete a progress report upon completion of the project in order to receive payment. If the grant is for a building or capital project, grantees will be required to demonstrate completion with photos, receipts, invoices paid, etc.

Applications will only be accepted via the online form. Please email grants@jewishcolorado.org for more information.

Staenberg Family Foundation Mission:

Guided by values of the human spirit, the Staenberg Family Foundation seeks to ensure that the Jewish community, as well as local communities within the United States and Internationally thrive and flourish.

Like Converging Ripples™ ” on a still lake, the Staenberg Family Foundation hopes to touch all areas of the community by embracing organizations that create effective outcomes with innovative approaches to enhancing Jewish life.