Joyce Zeff Israel Study Tour (IST)

The summer of a lifetime.

For fifty years, IST has helped young Jewish Coloradans broaden their knowledge about Israel, its neighbors, and Jewish heritage and history. ISTers have brought home souvenirs and memories. They’ve made lifelong friends and even, in some cases, met the people they would go on to marry. It’s a lifetime of learning in just five weeks.

From the Jewish quarter in Krakow to sunrise on Masada to Shabbat at the Western Wall and so much more, IST combines extraordinary adventure, exceptional leaders with years of experience, and a commitment to education and Jewish values. It’s the perfect opportunity for your teenager to become more independent, learn about themselves and Israel, and strengthen their Jewish identity.

IST 2024 is June 16-July 14, 2024. Registration is closed. 

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Or reach out to Jillian Feiger, Director of IST, at or 303-321-1371 with any questions.

For 2024 registrants:

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Know Before You Go

What scholarships are available to everyone?

JEWISHcolorado’s Joyce Zeff Endowment Fund provides $1000 per participant.

We’re pleased to announce that we have been approved as a RootOne trip provider partner for Summer 2024. As an IST 2024 participant, you are welcome to apply for the RootOne Voucher to receive $3,000 towards your overall trip cost. Voucher recipients will also be guided through pre- and post-trip educational opportunities to provide context and nuance around our trip to Israel, see section below to save our pre-trip program dates. Click here to apply to RootOne. *Note, funds will be deducted from your invoice prior to first payments. If you do not meet RootOne requirements by May 1st for the voucher, you will need to pay JEWISHcolorado the remaining $3000 balance by May 2nd.

Synagogue Scholarships. To receive this money, you will contact your Synagogue directly to see eligibility. The money will then be sent directly to JEWISHcolorado. Upon receipt of payment, the scholarship will be credited to your IST tuition

After submitting your application, complete the Scholarship Information form.


What additional scholarships are available?
FACTs applications can be filled out to qualify for additional funds that were generously donated to JEWISHcolorado for IST. To receive this money, fill out the FACTs application by January 1, 2024.

FACT’s application

Additional scholarships are available from local Synagogues, JCC, etc. To receive this money, reach out to other local organizations and see if they have additional funds for Israel trips

**We want to ensure everyone can attend IST regardless of financial ability. Please reach out to or 303-321-1371 if you have questions about grants/scholarships**

What is the cost of IST 2024?

IST 2024 price is $9,950 per person for registration. Register before November 1, 2023 to receive early bird pricing of $9,850. Outstanding balances must be paid in full on or before April 5, 2024.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration to guarantee your spot.

What is included in the cost of IST 2024?
  • Flights
  • Land costs (i.e., accommodation, activities, buses)
  • Health and medical insurance while on the trip
  • Three meals per day
  • Staff, including tour guides, Israeli counselors, American counselors, bus drivers, security guards, etc.
  • A full array of daily programming and activities
How do I sign my child up for IST?

Visit the CampMinder site to set up a CampMinder account, register, and get ready for the summer of a lifetime!

Registration, all payments, and trip documents must be made through the CampMinder Parent Portal.

How do I pay for IST?

Upon registering for IST through the CampMinder application, you will pick your payment options. All payments must be made electronically through the system.

Upon registration, you will be required to pay a $500 deposit. All remaining payments can be made in 4 payments or 3 payments starting in January or February.

Payments can be made via credit card (3% fee), eCheck (1% fee), or debit card (0% fee).

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. The CampMinder application will offer you a choice of payment plan and type. Payments must be paid in full on or before April 5, 2024.

Payment with Registration: $500 deposit

Final payment due by April 5: Must be paid in full**

**$100 fee will be incurred for past due payment

Program costs are subject to change and are not guaranteed until registration is complete and the deposit is received.

You will not be fully enrolled in IST until the deposit is received by JEWISHcolorado.

What if I need to withdraw from IST?

February 1, 2024 is the last day to cancel and receive a full refund, less the $500 non-refundable registration fee.

From February 2 – April 5, 2024 families may cancel their registration, but will not be refunded any fees already paid for IST.

Beginning April 5, 2024, all funds must be paid in full and are non-refundable. Participants are welcome to purchase a travel insurance policy. Insurance policies must be purchased prior to final payment and will be completely dealt with through the third-party insurance company.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

We recommend but do not require travel insurance. Your CampMinder account contains more information on the type of travel insurance recommended by our travel provider (under Forms). Travel insurance is through a third-party organizer, please see their terms and conditions for any information. If you purchase travel insurance, it must be purchased to cover the whole cost of the trip ($9950). Travel insurance is billed directly from and managed by the travel insurance provider. Travel insurance must be purchased within 15 days of initial deposit.

What should I pack?
Is there pre-trip programming?

Yes! We host programs prior to the trip and send the dates to each participant. Pre-trip programming happens once a month prior to departure starting in October. Pre-trip programs are part of the requirement to receive your $3000 RootOne voucher.

*Participants Only*

October 26th, 2023*
November 16th, 2023*
January 18th, 2024*
January 31st, 2024*
February 8th, 2024*
March 14th, 2024*
April 11th, 2024*
May 17th, 2024 – Family Shabbat for parents and participants

Exact time and location of programs will be sent via email to registered participants.

How much money should my teen take to Israel? In what form?

We advise teens to allot $75-$100 for each week of travel. We recommend teens come with $100 in US dollars for exchange and a debit or credit card for the rest of their money.

Does my teen need cell phone service?

Teens do not need cell phone service. In past years, about half of our ISTers have opted to have service; the rest rely on Wi-Fi to use their phones. We will send information on how to purchase an Israeli SIM card closer to departure. For a SIM card to work, your phone must be unlocked by your cell phone provider.

What are the accommodations like on IST?

IST teens stay in a variety of locations, including hotels, youth hostels, kibbutzim, and the wilderness (camping). Refer to the sample itinerary for previous accommodations used by IST.

What are the laundry services on IST?

We send laundry out three times during the trip. Teens receive a plastic bag for dirty laundry; clothing is returned clean and folded. Items can be shrunk or lost, so we recommend you leave your favorites at home. JEWISHcolorado and its tour provider partners are not responsible for any clothing lost or damaged by the laundry service.

Will my IST participant be able to see family while in Israel?

IST teens have an opportunity to see friends or family in Israel during designated times within our itinerary. We will let families know prior to departure when these times will occur.