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Our Strategic Alliances

Our Strategic Alliances Make Us Stronger, More Connected,
and Better Focused on Our Jewish Community.

Colorado Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE)

In mid-July 2016, CAJE and JEWISHcolorado board members voted unanimously to merge into a single entity. The combined organization will offer a full range of programming for all ages, create efficiencies for both organizations and for the community, and is expected to reap approximately $175,000 in annual savings. CAJE is now the educational division of JEWISHcolorado, and Phyllis Adler, executive director of CAJE, will be expanding her role to include the oversight of most of the JEWISHcolorado programming as well.

UJA Aspen Valley

Our of partnership with UJA Aspen Valley continues to be a success. Through our partnership, JEWISHcolorado provides professional support via back office administration and a “front office” push in the Annual Campaign. Fundraising was up 11% vs. FY2015, to $372,478, and we continue to look for innovative ways to grow the relationship.

Ramat HaNegev

Welcome to Our Newest Strategic Alliance!
We are excited to have formalized our 15 year partnership with Ramat HaNegev with an official strategic alliance that brings Israel to Colorado and Colorado to Israel. As a strategic alliance, Ramat HaNegev will continue to benefit from JEWISHcolorado’s efforts to promote tourism to and support for the region. JEWISHcolorado and Ramat HaNegev will continue to exchange cultural and other resources that allow for Ramat HaNegev to flourish and attract young families to move there. Our strategic alliance supports the Center for Children with Special Needs, young adult programs, and Nitzana, a cutting edge educational center that fosters environmentalism, tolerance, and self-confidence. Nitzana is home to many JAFI social activism projects.