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Our Values

We are inspired by the timeless Jewish values of Tzedakah  (an act of social justice; sharing a portion of one’s wealth with those less fortunate and for the common good), Clal Yisrael  (a shared sense of community and collective responsibility among all Jews), Tikkun Olam (to repair the world), Derech Eretz (a commitment to civility and the consideration for others), and L’dor VaDor (from generation to generation).


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Our Collaborative Approach

We seek strategic alliances with a select number of partner organizations whereby working together we can be more effective than we can be on our own.

Our Primary Grant Making Philosophy

We make grants to specific programs of Jewish organizations locally and globally that are both impactful and consistent with our areas of focus and where there is demonstrated need because the cost of the program is greater than the revenue for the program. (PIN Funding = Program has Impact and Need)