248 is an inclusive and global innovative network of Jewish doers.

A program of The Jewish Agency for Israel and JEWISHcolorado, 248 mobilizes passionate young leaders to invigorate Jewish communal life by scaling replicable initiatives, locally and globally. The 10-month program raises awareness on big issues faced by world Jewry today, puts community expertise into action, and cultivates a network of community leaders with passion for creating a shared Jewish future. 

The first Colorado 248 cohort will consist of a small group of young local professionals who are community-minded, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and have some experience developing social initiatives. The Colorado cohort will collaborate with our counterparts in Ramat HaNegev, our partnership region in Israel, and 248 cohorts based in Minneapolis, Toronto, and Israel. In January 2022, all North American cohorts will travel to Israel for several days of networking, culminating in the 248 Global Gathering. The Colorado cohort will host the Ramat HaNegev cohort in Colorado at a later date.

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We are no longer accepting applications. For more information about the program, please email Itai Divinsky, IDivinsky@JEWISHcolorado.org.

The Experience

248 participants will receive mentoring and networking support for local initiatives of their own design. Participation in 248 is subsidized by a generous donor. Cohort participants are responsible for the following:


A refundable $500 deposit (returned after completion of the program)

Round-trip ticket to Israel

Time Commitment

Bi-weekly 248 interactions* beginning November 2021
*see below for more details

Monthly 248 virtual webinars


Bi-weekly 248 interactions occur in one of five formats:

Solo: Digest the bi-weekly input of material and inspiration, then upload your comments at your own convenience–from a laptop or mobile device, home or coffee shop.

Colorado Cohort: Team up with your cohort and your local coordinator to discuss big issues, to develop your ideas, and to provide feedback and support.

Partnership Region in Israel: Get online with your overseas partners in Ramat Hanegev to refine your ideas in an Israeli context.

Global: Participate in interactive webinars with renown Jewish educators, visionaries, innovators, and ideation experts.

Network: Join with the evolving 248 global community, including cohorts from previous years, for special occasions and events.

An Example of a 248 Project:

Our Stories Minneapolis | Josh Awend joshawend@gmail.com

Stories that highlight moments that have made you Jewish and made you deepen your bond to being Jewish – made you recognize that you wanted to pass on a Jewish identity to the next generation. I am hoping this podcast helps other to see the similarities and shine light on the differences that we call Our Stories. Learn more.