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Ramat HaNegev

We are excited to have formalized our 15 year partnership with Ramat HaNegev with an official strategic alliance. As a strategic alliance, Ramat HaNegev will continue to benefit from JEWISHcolorado’s efforts promote tourism to Ramat HaNegev to both the Colorado and Jewish community.
JEWISHcolorado and Ramat HaNegev will continue to exchange cultural and other resources that allow for Ramat HaNegev to flourish and attract young families to move there, and to inspire ongoing support of each other’s mission. Our strategic alliance also supports Nitzana, a cutting edge educational center in JEWISHcolorado’s partnership region of Ramat HaNegev that fosters environmentalism, tolerance, and self-confidence. Nitzana is home to many JAFI social activism projects.