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Ramat HaNegev

Colorado’s Partnership Region in Israel

Investing in Israel and the Negev for a Stronger Today and Vibrant Tomorrow

• 22% of the land mass of Israel
• 7,500 people
• 14 small communities
• 23 family farms
• Israel’s hub for renewable energy development: Region hosts world’s largest solar tower and regional policy strictly protects local ecology and natural resources
• An agricultural oasis in the desert: Ramat HaNegev is known for innovative water and agricultural technologies, including the modern cherry tomato strain sold in grocery stores around the world

“It is in the Negev that the people and State of Israel will be tested. The great mission of populating the wilderness and bringing it to flourish can only be accomplished with a united effort of a volunteering people and a planning and implementing State. This will determine the fate of the State of Israel and the standing of our people in the history of mankind.”
~ David Ben-Gurion

Over $400,000 invested annually in this 20-year-old partnership. Working hand-in-hand with the region’s modern day pioneers to build a socially just, ecologically sustainable, successful community to ensure Israel’s future.

Building Living Bridges: Connecting the next generation of Jewish people in Ramat HaNegev and Colorado.

  • Over 430 visitors from Colorado to Ramat HaNegev over the last year from Colorado’s synagogues, Jewish institutions, Denver Jewish Day School, Denver Academy of Torah and Joyce Zeff Israel Study Tour.
  • Counselors from Ramat HaNegev bring Israel to Colorado camps every summer.

Constructing the Region’s First High School: Local teens currently travel 3 hours/day to attend school. The new school will be named after the late Mayor Shmulik Rifman.

  • Value-based education will include Judaism, pioneering, innovation, Zionism, mutual responsibility, love of nature and humanism.

Nitzana: World class educational center for youth and immigrant children on the Israel/Egypt border. This unique incubator for social activism, ecology, Zionism and leadership serves Bedouins, those making Aliyah, and Israel’s teens.

Derech Eretz – Lifechanging Pre-Army Academy: Young adults from across Israel, many considered at-risk, come to Ramat HaNegev for intense leadership training before mandatory military service. Program helps build social equality and has been replicated across Israel.

  • Training provided on Israeli society, Jewish culture, environmental and desert studies.

Child Therapy Center: Providing therapeutic services for families is important to attract those families to the Negev. The Center’s services include psychiatric counseling, occupational therapy, art and drama therapy.

Bedouin Support: Mutually beneficial programming builds collaboration between Israeli and Bedouin cultures.

  • Nitzana boarding school empowers Bedouin youth leaders to make a difference in their communities.
  • Promoting Bedouin tourism to domestic and foreign tourists supports the Bedouin economy and preserves an ancient tradition and understanding of their contribution to Israel.
  • Creating dialogue and connection between Jewish and Bedouin teens.

Young Adult Center: Attracting and retaining young adults to stay and give back to the region. The Center helps attendees navigate career opportunities, network, and come together around cultural events.

  • Courses chosen by young adults include spoken Arabic, woodworking and pre-university courses.
  • Music and cultural events bring urban entertainment to the Negev.

JEWISHcolorado is proud to be building Israel and supporting a model community in uncontested land that is an inspiration to the world

For more information, please contact Senior Israeli Emissary, Osnat Fox at 303.316.6472 or ofox@jewishcolorado.org