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PJ Library – Powered by JEWISHcolorado

A Gift for Jewish Children and Their Families:

Building community through Jewish bedtime stories and songs

JEWISHcolorado is proud to partner with many generous philanthropists and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to provide an annual subscription of PJ Library to families raising Jewish children ages 6 months through age 8 in Colorado.* Each month Jewish children and their families receive a beautiful book or music CD about some aspect of Jewish culture or tradition mailed directly to their homes.

The power of PJ Library lies in the experience of a parent reading a Jewish bedtime story to a young child. In the span of a few minutes, the child is lulled to sleep with a beautifully-told story, and the parent is inspired to explore Jewish identity and heritage. Through this program, parents and grandparents are introducing their children to the joys of Judaism while, in many cases, reconnecting to their own heritage.

In July 2015, JEWISHcolorado received a grant of $25,000 through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to expand PJ Library engagement and outreach programs in collaboration with its partner organizations in 4 geographic areas within greater metro Denver/Boulder.

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jordanbooks“Thank you PJ library for providing my family with these wonderful Jewish learning tools and keepsake books. These books have been a special addition to our night time “book time” routine and has given Jordan an avenue to build his very own Jewish library at only 10 months old. Every month we cannot wait to check the mail and see what the next book theme will be!!” —Rebecca Goldberg

For questions or more information, please contact Susan Chayet at 303.951.0272 or SChayet@JEWISHcolorado.org

PJ Library is free to Jewish families in the community thanks to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and donors to JEWISHcolorado’s Annual Campaign. To help support this program locally and ensure that every Jewish family in Colorado can receive this wonderful gift, please “pay it forward” by clicking the link below to make a donation.

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PJ Library Partner Organizations

*JEWISHcolorado’s PJ Library catchment area includes all cities and counties in Colorado including the Denver/Boulder metro area, EXCEPT those cities and counties covered by Aspen Valley, Colorado Springs Area, Crested Butte/Gunnison County, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, and Pueblo.