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Our Strategic Alliances

JEWISHcolorado’s collaborative approach is to seek strategic alliances with a select number of partner organizations whereby working together we can be more effective than we can be on our own.

A Strategic Alliance is a formal collaborative relationship between two or more organizations to pursue a set of agreed upon goals while each organization remains independent and autonomous. Strategic Alliances create efficiencies in the community by reducing a duplication of services and by focusing on economies of scale.  Strategic Alliance partners receive priority funding from dollars available in JEWISHcolorado’s Annual Campaign based upon an agreed budget determined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Criteria for a Strategic Alliance with JEWISHcolorado may include but not be limited to the following:

  • An organization and/or their programming is aligned with JEWISHcolorado’s areas of focus
  • There is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial and trusting partnership in which each organization works together on co-marketing and co-branding
  • There is an opportunity for greater efficiency and effectiveness through shared resources and/or services
  • There is an opportunity for greater sustainability of both organizations

JEWISHcolorado recently formalized a Strategic Alliance partnership with the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE).

This relationship creates a sustainability model for CAJE by enabling them to focus on administering value-added community programs such as IST and Melton while JEWISHcolorado focuses on the revenue and resource development for these critical programs.

Similar Strategic Alliance relationships are currently underway with a select number of national and international partner organizations.  Additional Strategic Alliances will be periodically determined and evaluated by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.