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Our Programs

JEWISHcolorado serves to unite the community, so that our Jewish leaders and institutions have the opportunity to imagine and create a Jewish Colorado that not only rivals the most vibrant Jewish communities around the world, but inspires others to follow our lead. We offer a place for people from across our community to become involved and make a difference in a more hands-on way: through innovative programming, opportunities to travel around the world, leadership training, and other groups and possibilities to connect to themselves, to other Jews, and to being Jewish.

We sponsor programs that directly serve the community in ways no other organization does.


We secure, steward, and share philanthropic and human resources. Through an Annual Campaign, as well as endowment and planned giving strategies, we maximize the generosity of those who donate to us to create a vibrant Jewish community.


We mobilize the community in times of need. We leverage resources and people to help our community here and around the world when we are needed most.


We engage the next generation in being Jewish. We invest in the next generation through value-added community programs that include everything from early childhood education scholarships, to Jewish summer camp, to a robust Young Adult Department (YAD) that engages 21-45 year olds in how to live, give, and lead Jewishly.


We care for those who are vulnerable. We raise and distribute dollars locally and globally to help feed the hungry, care for the sick and elderly, and help build a strong and supportive Jewish world.


We support Israel and advocate for the Jewish world. We are a voice for Israel and Jews around the world. We educate, empower, and connect our local community to the global Jewish community through strategic grant making, programs, and supplemental campaign initiatives.