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Our Grant Making


For the FY2014 Grants Cycle: Selected organizations that were funded in the FY2013 allocations process will receive similar funding in the FY2014 grants cycle, pending availability of funds. No new organizations will receive grants.

JEWISHcolorado makes a significant impact in the Jewish community by granting dollars raised in the Annual Campaign to specific programs of Jewish organizations locally and globally. This includes grants to the value-added community programs run and administered by JEWISHcolorado as well as those administered by our Strategic Alliance Partners.

Grants requests from external Jewish organizations are evaluated through a PIN Funding model.  PIN Funding states that all eligible PROGRAMS have IMPACT and NEED. To have Impact, a program must be consistent with one or more of JEWISHcolorado’s three areas of focus.  To have Need, a program must demonstrate a funding gap between what it costs to run the program and the expected revenue for that program.

PIN Funding enables JEWISHcolorado to support and enhance a wide range of programs in our Jewish community while also clearly communicating the direct impact of donors’ dollars.

 For the FY2015 Grants Cycle: During the FY2014 year, the Grant Making Committee will assess local, Israel and overseas organizations to determine alignment by criteria/key performance indicators and impact areas. The Committee will also look for opportunities for synergies and collaborations among organizations to stretch the effectiveness of available funds. The Grant Making Committee will then make recommendations for potential PIN funding for the FY2015 grants cycle, pending available funding.

Priority of Fund Distributions from the Annual Campaign:


For more information about the grant process through JEWISHcolorado, please click here.