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Jewish Student Connection

Jewish Student Connection provides Jewish teens in public and private high schools with an in-school informal education experience focused on compelling issues of Jewish pride, identity and connection to Israel: the JSC club. As teenagers are students first, Jewish Student Connection meets them where they are, in their schools, either at the end of the day or during non-instructional periods, like lunch. JSC clubs are easily accessible and safe spaces where teens can explore what being Jewish means to them, alongside their Jewish and non-Jewish peers, in an already familiar environment.


We envision a thriving Jewish future, where young generations celebrate our heritage, embrace Jewish culture, faith and values, are proud to call themselves “Jewish”.


To help Jewish teens explore what [Jewish] means to them, inspiring proud personal connections with our culture, with Our People, with Israel – with each other.

About JSC

87% of JSCers feel more connected to the Jewish people

84% of JSCers say they want to learn more about Judaism and the Jewish people

84% of JSCers say they are more likely to participate in other Jewish activities

433 teens participated in 11 clubs last year

  • Cherry Creek HS
  • Denver Center for International Studies
  • Denver School of the Arts
  • DSST-Byers
  • East HS
  • George Washington HS
  • Grandview HS
  • Overland HS
  • Rock Canyon HS
  • South HS
  • Thomas Jefferson HS

By 2021, JSC will be in 22 local high schools and middle schools, reaching nearly 800 teens