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Jerusalem, if I forget you..

Well, the time has finally come for our final blog post of the summer – everyone has had an amazing experience and have gained so much from these 5-weeks with their newfound community.  We have learned so much and have participated in many activities that are too numerous to name.  In a little more than 24 hours, the group will be heading to Ben Gurion Airport to head back home. The last few days have been incredible in Jerusalem as we have done so many things:

  • Saw “Wonder Woman” at a local movie theatre in Jerusalem
  • Heard from an organization called Friends of Rootswww.friendsofroots.net
  • Spent time at a park in Jerusalem
  • Went back for more shopping, falafel & shwarma on Ben Yehuda Street
  • Visited Yad VaShem – Israel’s National Holocaust Museum
  • Took a tour of the Kotel Tunnels
  • Visiting Har Herzl – Israel’s National Military Cemetery
  • Spent time at Machane Yehuda – Jerusalem’s market
  • Final Shabbat at the Kotel

The group concluded their Shabbat by going to the mixed prayer plaza near the Kotel where they had an incredible service led by a few of the IST Participants and the group even said the Kaddish together for a fellow ISTer whose grandmother passed away over the last few days.  Everyone had the chance to go to the Kotel to really be immersed in Shabbat with singing, lots of dancing and just pure Shabbat happiness.  They came back to the exact same spot they were exactly 4 weeks ago when they received a letter from home and experienced the Western Wall for the first time. Now – after learning & experiencing so much over the last 28 days, it has a new meaning to everyone and has been so meaningful & priceless. The group had bonded so well on this trip and they’re ready to come back home, see family & friends (after getting a lot of sleep).  These lifelong friendships & memories will last a lifetime and I know that each person has been changed in some way from this transformative experience.


“Bless this House”:

Bless this house, for we are all together

Bless us all, we may not meet again.

Think of all the happiness we’ve found here.

Take it home and share it with a friend

Come along, sing a song

And we’ll never say goodbye

Soon you’ll see, and agree

Friendships one thing never dies.


Final day in Jaffa

Seeing “Wonder Woman” in Jerusalem

Hanging out in a park in Jerusalem

Yad VaShem

Kotel Tunnels Tour


Har Herzl – Israel’s National Military Cemetery


Machane Yehudah – Jerusalem market

Final Shabbat in Jerusalem



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