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JEWISHcolorado Staff

JEWISHcolorado’s life transforming work depends on the expertise and hard work of a diverse and dynamic leadership team made up of our boards and staff, and professional and volunteer committees. These varied and diverse people and groups work tirelessly to leverage communal resources, raising funds in times of need.

Rabbi Jay Strear President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 303.316.6473 Email
Bethany Friday Controller 303.316.6455 Email
Nneka McPhee Chief of Operations (COO) 303.316.6468 Email
Steven Baker Director of Program Philathropy 303.321.3399 Email
Ashleigh Wong Director of Development, General 303.316.6480 Email
Karen Silverman Endowment & Planned Gifts Manager 303.951.8492 Email
Lisa Soicher Donor Relationship Manager 303.316.6428 Email
Susan Weinberger Outreach Coordinator | Aspen Relationship Manager 303.316.6481 Email
Tanya Nathan YAD Program Manager 303.316.6476 Email
Leah Weiss YAD Program Associate 303.316.6463 Email
Andra Davidson Vice President of Marketing and Events 303.316.6466 Email
Nikki Roth Digital Marketing Manager 303.316.6461 Email
Stephanie Geller Events Director 303.316.6488 Email
Beth Danilson Events Manager 303.316.6449 Email
Michele Weingarden Communications and Community Relations Liaison 303.316.6487 Email
Douglas Mazza Graphic Designer 303.316.6495 Email
Bethany Friday Controller 303.316.6455 Email
Carla Davis Senior Accountant 303.316.6467 Email
Nate Nostas Accountant 303.316.6479 Email
Carla Allen Accountant Email
Phyllis Adler Senior Director of Program Operations 303.951.8968 Email
Susan Chayet Program Operations Manager  303.951.0272 Email
Cindy Coons Director of Jewish Explorers 303.951.8498 Email
Elyssa Hammerman Director of Strategy and Programming 303.951.0270 Email
Jillian Feiger Educator/Advisor Jewish Student Connection 303.316.6210 Email
Osnat Fox Israel Emissary (Shlichah) 303.316.6472 Email
Josh Samet Director of Missions and Program Director of the
Joyce Zeff Israel Study Tour (IST)
303.951.8493 Email
Ben Sanders Educator/Advisor Jewish Student Connection 303.316.6232 Email
Elana Weiner Educator/Advisor Jewish Student Connection 303.316.6459 Email
Ofek Hod Teen Israel Emissary (Shinshin) 303.321.3399  Email
Ido Mannor Teen Israel Emissary (Shlinshin) 303.321.3399 Email
Talia Schwimer Teen Israel Emissary (Shinshin) 303.321.3399 Email
Yael Firuzmand Teen Israel Emissary (Shinshin) 303.321.3399 Email
Heather Flowers Program Support Associate 303.316.6462 Email
Jess Grant Donor Services Specialist 303.316.6456 Email
Nir Nagar IT Director 303.316.6451 Email
Maida Goodman Office Administrator 303.316.6450 Email