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As of November 27, 2017, JEWISHcolorado and our current tenants have temporarily relocated to an office in Glendale so the transformation of our building can begin.

Construction is expected to take 12 – 18 months.

JEWISHcolorado’s email, phone, and permanent mailing address will stay the same.

Visit us at our temporary address:
400 South Colorado Blvd., Suite 790
Denver, CO 80246

Keep checking back for ongoing construction updates!

Q: What is Project Transformation?

A: Project Transformation is a complete renovation of JEWISHcolorado’s (Jco) current facilities. It is designed to create a modern, open floor plan that will allow for increased collaboration, a welcoming atmosphere, improved accessibility, and modern amenities for both staff and volunteers. Beyond that, the renovated space is intended to inspire creativity and to bring the community together in a transformative way. It also honors the rich legacy and history of our current location by standing on the shoulders of those who came before us. L’dor V’dor – from generation to generation.

Q: Why was this important to do now?

A: Jco’s current facility was built in 1975. Deferred building maintenance over the last 40 years resulted in significant disrepair, an unsafe working environment, and exorbitant costs for “band aid” fixes. For example, the roof had reached the end of its useable lifespan and the HVAC system was in failing conditions. As part of ongoing efforts to address these issues, professional and volunteer leadership also noted that Jco’s offices were not commensurate with a 21st century organization of Jco’s stature and were unappealing and uninviting to the community. Something had to be done.

Q: How much is the project going to cost?

A: The total cost of the project is budgeted at $9.5MM. This includes the cost of construction, contingencies, tenant finishes, relocation expenses, financing, and professional project management. The pure cost of construction will not exceed a guaranteed maximum price of $7.2MM. Jco has consulted with many community experts to ensure costs are fair and consistent with similar projects in this competitive construction market. Jco also engaged a 3rd party consultant who has been instrumental in negotiating pricing and monitoring the overall budget for cost efficiencies.

Q: What is the timeline for the project?

A: Jco recently relocated to temporary lease space in order for an extensive asbestos abatement to begin in January 2018. Demolition and construction will then take place in Spring 2018 with an anticipated project completion date in the Spring of 2019.